1. Experience in using Blogs
2. Features in blogs
3. How to leverage on Blogs for Teaching and Learning

4. Advantages and Limitations
5. Sharing of Teaching and Learning Ideas
Hands-on session for those who would like to learn the basics of Wiki.

Activity 1: What does PERCENTAGE mean to me?

What crosses your mind when we talk about PERCENTAGE?

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Activity 1 (follow-up): Some Ideas generated...

What are some questions that we can ask students to help them make connections to real world context?

In Comments, write down "subject" followed by "questions"

Activity 2: Lanterns can Fly???

You overheard the following conversation.

Identify some of the "facts" that are not scientifically correct.

Activity 3: Do we know these shapes?

James said, "The flower is made up of 3 shapes - Circle, Triangles and Rhombuses".Do you agree?

If yes, tell us how many circle, triangle and rhombus could you find in this picture?
If not, why not? Tell us more what you think...

Activity 4: About Ages...

There are 5 people in a family and their average age is 40 years.

What might their ages be?

Explain who the members of the family are.

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Source: Journal Writing in the Mathematics Classroom

Generating Lesson Ideas

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Takeaways for the Session

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Resources for Session 4

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iCTLT 2008: Harnessing Features of Blogs for Mathematics Learning