Activity 3: Do we know these shapes?

James said, "The flower is made up of 3 shapes - Circle, Triangles and Rhombuses".Do you agree?

If yes, tell us how many circle, triangle and rhombus could you find in this picture?
If not, why not? Tell us more what you think...


  1. 10 rhombuses, 1 circle and 10 triangles

  2. A concentric circle, non regular triangles phaps in non-linearplane as a side of the triangle is definitely an arc. a few non regular 4 sided figure looks like rhombi but not congruent to others.

  3. Got polygons, as well as a circle and triangles?

    I'm too lazy to count...

  4. Circle not round so is it a circle? Cannot see the other sides, only 2 sides of triangle and rhombus can be seen? Not definite

  5. basically mean same shape and size
    congruent - 4 tests to define congruency
    similarity is a subset of congruency