Takeaways for the Session

3 things... that really interest you

2 things... you would like to know more1 thing...

1 good idea from this session

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  1. 1 thing: use of blogs for teaching and learning
    2 things: again, what else are there instead of blog?
    3 things: eliciting students' responses to generate discussion, team learning, and also to gauge understanding, surface misconception

  2. 1. Good use of blogs to teach simple concepts through questioning techniques and reflective thinking.

    2. Not much things to know more (maybe i'm too used to this platform)...

    3. Interesting factor include the ability to openly view all the posts input by everyone...

  3. Takeaway:
    . the immediate responses we are able to elicit from students

    Know More:
    . How to categorise the responses of students using (i) blog is possible (ii) other platforms

    Good Idea:
    The rich and possibly deep learning from this exercise however the teachers must be able to facilitate discussion and in sst be able to draw key leaning points and link it to the real world.

  4. 3 things that interest:
    1) generation of ideas together
    2) able to check for prior knowledge almost immediately
    3) different perspectives seen on the same issue

    2 things that I would like to know
    1) how to edit unsolicited posts real quickly?
    2) classroom management - what do you do with students who are much quicker, in keeping them occupied?

    1 good idea
    1) can embed many forms of media for discussion